Personalized Laser Engraving Services

Celebrate Prints, Inc. specializes in quality personalization for our products in-store or you can bring in your own! Our laser engraving provides a top notch, perfect results, every time. We can laser engrave on mostly any surface such as stainless steel tumblers and Yeti cups, utensils and knives, jewelry, ceramic, wood, leather, trophy plates, and more! Our pricing is reasonable and we can even create the artwork for you at no additional charge.

We can engrave text, black and white clipart, and even vector line photos! Our graphic designer on staff makes sure the design you have in mind get transposed onto the laser engraved finished product.

Laser engraving is the process of using a tiny beam of laser light to engrave a surface. It etches by a special laser light and removes the specified area off the material to reveal what is beneath for the finished color. In some cases, we will do a "color fill" to create a color in the event the surface beneath the coating not stand out. The end result is always a permanent etch or engraving that is durable, washable and/or dishwashing safe.

There are some plastics such as PVC that are not laserable due to the toxic fumes they promote when penetrated by the laser beam. We do offer laser friendly plastic materials for uses such as name badges and signage. If you have an item that is plastic and would like it personalized we do have other methods that would mark your plastic beautifully if that is what you desire.

Acceptable Material

Wood, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Trophy Plates, Glass, Crystal, Leather, Suede, Denim, Paper, Acrylic

Bring in your own item or choose from our large inventory. If you bring in your own, please provide exact material. If you do not know the exact material, we can do a test laser if it is not plastic to ensure our laser will penetrate through the item. Test strip fee applies.

View our work samples here. We take pride in our work and are very meticulous in our artwork and how it engraves to ensure customer satisfaction.